Chinese Connection Dub Embassy
The six of us come from all over the world from NY, New Orleans, Memphis, Mississippi, and we’ve come to add a new spin on classic reggae tunes to Memphis while offering our own hard-hitting originals, all the while restoring love and unity in this great city. We’ve been together for five years, and these days we’re tighter than ever.


Exodus Reggae Band
The Exodus Reggae Band was conceived 30 years ago by Nathaniel “Box” Kent and is regarded throughout the South as “the Reggae Band.” They have opened for many internationally known Reggae Artist like Inner Circle, Eek-A-Mouse, Ital and Jimmy Cliff. The Exodus Reggae Band also performed with the Grammy Award Winning group Arrested Development.  Each year The Exodus Reggae Band jams their brand of positive, high energy Reggae music and is well prepared for a world tour and much more!


Ekpe (pronounced “eck-pay), a “musical philanthropist” and artistic director of GENIUS UNLIMITED, specializes in children’s music and cultural entertainment. Since his career began in 1974, people of all ages and cultures have enjoyed and been enriched by Ekpe’s performances, recordings, workshops, and lectures.  As a musician, producer, recording artist, songwriter and arts educator, he plays African instruments (djimbe drum, kalimba (thumb piano), shakere, and others), flute and saxophone. He gives entertaining and educational performances at schools, churches, festivals, colleges and universities, and is currently promoting his two CD’s entitled, “I AM A GENIUS” and “THE SPIRIT OF AFRICAN MUSIC.” His interactive music video “DON’T TOUCH A GUN” has been recognized and used as an effective means of keeping guns out of the hands of children.


Roots Of A Rebellion
Roots of a Rebellion are a jam band from Nashville, TN playing heavy Reggae-Rock-Dub music for the soul. The band is known for their dynamic live shows showing their progressive sound and energy. Roots of a Rebellion was voted Best Local Band in Nashville Scene’s 2015 Best of Nashville Reader’s Poll.

Roots of a Rebellion has recently released their second full length album, A Brother’s Instinct, which debuted at #4 on the Billboard Reggae Charts.  Roots of a Rebellion represents another side to Music City, USA.


 One Love Theo
International independent artist OneLoveTheo, living in Memphis, Tennessee, is a Reggae/Dancehall music artist. Being originally born in Trelawny, Jamaica his childhood role model was Bob Marley. It was then that he was inspired to write and create his own music. OneLoveTheo began creating his music in an Atlanta based studio at the mere age of 12! Today, even though being an independent artist, OneLoveTheo’s ambitious and go-getter attitude allows him to manage to find his own local club shows, festivals, and showcases. He plans to continue to drive himself harder and harder each day to fulfill his goals and dreams. OneLoveTheo has no plan on stopping until he breaks into the music industry!


Jo’shua Odine
Jo’shua Odine is a Budding Artist Having Lived In NAshville for Over 20 years ,where he started playing guitar at 9 years old . Now 30 ;  His Inspirers include ones like , Joao Gilerto of Brasil , The Fugees of New Jersey by way of Haiti , Bob Marley of Jamaica  , The Beatles of England  , and Many more from all over the world . HIs Style Features an Intricate , and Unique Percussion ,and Picking Style that ones have even began to imitate , and reference Says Jo’shua . “Its A blessing to see My Music Touch people , and Watch someones day get better as a result of what the almighty has placed within i self. ” Keep In touch with Jo’shua Odine on ,Soundcloud,Youtube, Facebook , and Instagram @yoshuamusic .



Kween Jasira

(pronounced ‘Jah-see-rah’)

Community Activist. Singer. Song Writer. Poet. Emcee. Actress. Wife. Mother. Survivor.

Kween Jasira is a Memphian by way of Aberdeen, MS. Upon moving to Memphis in 2006, she immediately became immersed in the artistic scene via spoken word, theater, & music! Originally starting out singing background for local reggae artists such as Phu’Cha, Azarael, & Chinese Connection Dub Embassy – she eventually became a member of the all-female reggae band Queens of Zion – and ultimately branched out on her own as a solo artist.

Kween Jasira believes that her mission is two-fold. As an artist, she is completely and utterly dedicated to enlightenment and liberation via her muzik. Reggae music being her specialty, she’s found a home in roots reggae…and her performances emphasize culture and spirituality.

As a community activist, Kween Jasira has a desire to #ProtectOurYouth from abuse. That mission is realized through her organization, Left Foot Forward, which directly addresses and combats the issue of child sexual abuse via the promotion of preventive education and healing through the arts. Jasira has also been a member of Concerned Citizens of Memphis, a non-profit organization that feeds and clothes the homeless of Memphis, TN since 2006.

Kween Jasira has had the opportunity to open for international reggae artists such as Etana, Louie Culture, Coca Tea, and Turbulence. Locally, she’s had the pleasure of being featured at The Word, Artistik Lounge, Memphis Music Mondays, LiveUp Fest, Memphis Caribbean Jerk Festival, Memphis Artists for Change, and the annual Bob Marley Tribute Show.


Born in Brooklyn, New York on August 9, 1979…. This young man at a early age learned and took a real liking to Hip-Hop Music and the culture….. Moved to Huntsville, Alabama in the Fall of 1989….. Started to make mixtapes dubbing them on the radio and even started to freestyle for a little while…… Then on August 2000, he performed in his 1st gig as a DJ and hasn’t missed a beat yet…..

Now living in Memphis, TN…… He embarks on a new journey…. what will happen next? Stay tuned!!!